Code of Ethical Conduct: A Template for SWCDs

In response to several concerns about ethics relating to soil and water conservation district operations and management, NMCCD has developed a template for a Code of Ethical Conduct.

The right time to implement a policy is before problems or conflicts arise.  Good policies for district management should be in place regardless of the individuals filling the board or staff positions, and show your accountability as a unit of local government.

The template is provided as a service to NMCCD members, with the understanding that it would be customized by each district to be appropriate for its local needs and situation.  The attached document is intended to be thorough and detailed to serve as a comprehensive policy if used in its entirety. Some SWCDs may prefer a shorter and simpler document; each user is free edit this into a policy that meets local needs.

Each district should examine their personnel/employment and related policies, to ensure that conflicts are not created when adopting an ethics policy.

If you have any questions relating to this policy or its use, or would like our assistance in adapting this policy to your district’s needs, please contact NMCCD at

NMCCD Code of Conduct Template 0813